Other Pests
Removal, proofing and management of Rats, Mice and Grey Squirrels. Fully licenced in the use of Aluminium Phosphide to eliminate rats.
Removal, proofing and management of Rabbits, Moles. Fully licenced in Aluminium Phosphide for moles and rabbits.
Proofing, displacement, building/structure netting, spikes, gels, guano removal, falconry, hawk kites, audio scarers and laser bird scaring.
Removal, proofing and management of Wasps, Flies, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Hornets Cockroaches, Ants, Moths, Beetles, Spiders & much more.

This months Alert - Feral Pigeons are becoming a problem. Now is the time to start using Ant baits to kill off colonies early. General insects becoming an issue too.

Pest ID - Pest Control Specialists
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Let us take care of your pests allowing you to go about your business worry free....
Need Help?  Call us on 0800 690 6300 or drop us an email for expert pest control advice on how to identify pest infestations and help solve your problem.
The Pest Control Industry has evolved in recent years, with prevention and management of environments becoming more important than ever. After all, once an infestation has started, your reputation, health and safety are already jeopardised which could prove costly to remedy.
We will of course deal with existing problems, but through detailed surveys, careful planning, risk assessments and method statements, we can help protect you or your business from all future pest eventualities.
BPCA Members - Fully qualified and insured, please call for a no cost, no obligation survey on 0800 690 6300 or email

We want to remain a local business, serving the local community and other local businesses to the best of our abilty. To do this effeciently, we prefer to concentrate in the following areas for Pest Control:   

CRRU Think Wildlife Pest ID Pest I.D. Chelmsford Campaign for responsible Rodenticide Use

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Within legislation, all aspects can be undertaken from pest management, pest/waste removal, baiting, working at height, small construction works either by Pest ID or a trusted network of professionals in our group.
Customer retention and referrals are of utmost importance to us. With this in mind Pest ID always try to go that extra mile to ensure total customer satisfaction. After all, it's our reputation at stake if we fail in any areas 
Trained and qualified by the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) with ongoing product and training development, Pest ID are fully insured with Hiscox and guarantees our work to the highest standards
Pest ID for Pest control in CM & SS postcodes provided by Chelmsford based technicians, same day service for Commercial and Residential customers. Rats, Mice, Wasps, Bed Bugs, Flies, Cockroaches, Fleas, Pigeons, Bird Proofing, Beetles, Weevils, Rabbits, Squirrels and Foxes taken care of as part of an Integrated Pest Control management programme.